What is Health About?

Mankind's existence is three-fold. Our spiritual side includes right or wrong decisions that can affect our quality of life on earth, and ultimately where we will spend eternity. Our soul is our mind, will, and emotions that decide how we think and act. And our body is our physical flesh. The weakest part of us that has no choice but to do what our minds decide.


          Goals are possible for all three areas when restrictions are not set too high. Walking in optimal health and enjoying life to the fullest is how we were designed to naturally live—in a rich valley of nutrition just like the Garden of Eden in the very beginning. It’s the ancient paths where nature thrived, and was created to react to life-giving essentials. To be healthy and whole, nothing missing nothing broken from a sustainable earth. This is our Creator’s promise when we follow His ways. It’s the way of abundance set before us; so that we may have and enjoy life to the fullest, till it overflows as John 10:10 declares.


          The nuggets contained in my book, Ancient Paths to Health and Wellness, from a Biblical perspective, and through this website are valuable and will literally set you free and change your life when you apply them. We've all been given one body; so in order to live life to the fullest, we need to be educated and get back to some basic core principles. The simple life does not always mean the quickest way. It’s a path that ensures hope and supply of all we need for a wealth of health and continuous healing while here on earth; that can only come from a loving Creator.


          The trinity of health goes far beyond a special diet, counting calories, taking pills, or even monitoring steps. Since it’s the lifestyle you apparently desire, my hope is that you gleen from this website and my book's helpful information! As I've come to learn and enjoy everyday physical health and wellness that wakes me up each morning. The natural concepts I share come from some of the best resources on organic care and through God's Word (the Bible). Including information from top health articles, medical news, and natural health experts that get proven results. You can live this way too…on a budget without concern for spending loads of money. Many of these steps will actually help save you money, especially on long term medical costs. More importantly when you live healthy the natural way you’re happier, and free from pain and grief over the extended years of your life.


          You have one body and one life, why waste it? Let me introduce to you to new ways of thinking so you can maintain a healthy weight and healthy state. Help answer common questions you’ve been concerned about; and give you hope for the days ahead through the ancient paths of health and longevity. You are so worth it!


          What’s this magic formula you might be asking? There is none! That’s just it! The information I share is NOT simply about diet, and it's NOT a formula you follow with specifics combinations, or long strenuous hours in the gym or a class. First and foremost it's an Enjoyable Lifestyle—routine living! A life you will wonder why you haven’t lived up until now. It’s that simple! Please continue to return to my website for continual updates, and connect with me on Facebook at Path of Wellness for tips, recipes and good conversation.


          And check out my book, Ancient Paths to Health and Wellness, from a Biblical perspective that’s filled with both principles and warnings of how mankind has destroyed nature and continues to pervert the natural order of God’s creative perfect world. It contains specifics on what He says is healthful, and also what is harmful to the body. My book is available on-line digitally or you can order it here for less than most Amazon offers.



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"Ponder the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established." Proverbs 4:26

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