KEY #1 Your Immune System

Your body’s immune system is its warrior, or defense against sickness, illness, and disease! When it’s kept strong it fights to shorten or annihilate whatever comes to attack your health.


If your body is fed poorly your defense will be weakened and struggle to both maintain health or ward off ails. So the key to an effective working immune system is:


- Getting plenty of sound uninterrupted sleep each night; at least 7 to 8 hours.

- Eating lots of whole foods and healthy proteins.

- Drinking several glasses of purified water daily.

- Choosing organic produce whenever possible; and steering clear of GMO foods.

- Maintaining a regular schedule of exercise and quiet time.

- Eating little to no processed foods that include boxed and bagged items.

- limiting or eliminating sugary drinks, and sweetened foods whenever possible.


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KEY #2 Your Body's Makeup

Your body is the most complex and amazing structure on the earth; comprised of many different things that play a vital role in keeping you alive and well.


It's made up of too many body part names to mention here, but the main ones are your skeletal system, muscular system, organs, and the largest of organs is your skin. But what really defines your body is a myriad of tiny cells within each of these systems and organs—trillions of them in fact!


Your cells supply your entire body with vital nutrients needed to keep you alive and functioning properly. What you feed them determines the status of your health. And whether you feed it the proper nutrition or not, your body cannot survive long without sustenance....which ultimately sets the stage for your lifespan. Aside from a fetal accident of course.


Similar to your car, your body has needs, and there’s no question about it, if you don’t properly care for your car it will eventually leave you stranded, or may become in serious need of expensive repairs.



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