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  • Julir (Monday, November 11 19 03:34 pm EST)

    I was so inspired by this book! I love all the references to God’s word through the Bible. It adds another layer of information to my health journey

  • Cindy Farnham (Tuesday, June 18 19 05:59 pm EDT)

    I am so inspired by your book Ancient Paths to Health and Wellness.
    It is such a great reminder that God put fruits and vegetables on this earth to nourish and heal and cleanse our bodies.
    We need to be mindful of what we are eating and protect our bodies the temple that we have been given.
    Your words have inspired me.
    I love that you have combined great education with scripture and reminding us that nutrition is the basis of health!

  • Yvonne Bozich (Thursday, August 31 17 02:58 pm EDT)

    I want to congratulate Terri on her book, Ancient Paths to Health & Wellness. After reading the book and knowing Terri I want to assure you , prospective reader, that you can be greatly blessed spiritually and physically by Terri's words of wisdom and a life-style that models what she teaches. God wants all of His children to walk in Holiness....and that means taking care of our bodies as well as our the best of our knowledge and ability. Terri's experience and advice is not only accurate.....but doesn't destroy your budget as well! I am blessed to have her for a friend, sister in the Lord Jesus, and a "go-to person" when I need help with my 78 year old body. Thanks, Terri!!

  • Alix S (Monday, September 21 15 05:11 pm EDT)

    Terri Rauckhorst’s book titled “Ancient Paths to Health and Wellness” helps us understand that God’s plan was to have people who would live long and prosper in optimal health. This book is full of
    scripture that you can use as a daily guide and motivation tool. Terri teaches you not only the biblical perspective God’s wants us to understand, but also what’s wrong with our food system and steps
    you can take to reclaim your health and well being.

  • Jared H. (Thursday, April 30 15 10:12 am EDT)

    Terri, thank you for this book! Thank you for your words on divine health and healing. Terry's book is educational and practical but also testimonial with the power to encourage the faint-hearted who
    may be clinging on with "little faith" to hope in the healing and restoring power of God - body, soul and spirit. Terry's book is a holistic approach to health and healing and will bless you in its
    reading. She understands and knows the key to our right decisions and healing - Jehovah Rapha!

  • Joan N. (Sunday, June 16 13 04:52 pm EDT)

    This was a very good book! It gave me insight on some things: eating,
    health, and wellness. I knew some information already; this is biblical.
    Our church just had a health seminar and now we are doing the 7-week
    study guide and journal lessons. They are great and people are really
    interested in getting healthier. Thanks for all your hard work in this
    book Terri. Sincerely, Joan

  • Donna Orr (Sunday, February 10 13 10:51 am EST)

    I read through this book twice! Very informative and I could feel God nudging me as I read. So often we think God only cares about our soul, but our bodies belong to him and should be treated as
    such. I have known Terri for a few years and she is a wonderful example of "You are what you eat". Unfortunately, so am I and it's obviously not healthy. Time to let God guide me with what I learned
    from this book! Thank you Terri for your inspiration and obedience in writing Ancient Paths to Health and Wellness.

  • Toni (Thursday, January 31 13 09:54 pm EST)

    What a great read! Terri is an inspiration to me. She wrote her book using the Word of God as direction. Knowing that God cares about our physical bodies and has set guidelines for us to be healthy
    is just amazing to me. Terri teaches us that in her book. She is amazing to me, I look up to her because she walks closely with the Lord and she lives a life of health. I have been inspired to live a
    healthier life now, and she is there helping me and supporting me through it!

  • Laurie M. (Wednesday, January 23 13 02:18 pm EST)

    In Ancient Paths to Health and Wellness, Terri Rauckhorst uses her evangelistic zeal to challenge us to eat the way God intended. As her friend, I can tell you that she practices what she preaches.
    She wears form-fitting clothes even though she is now a grandmother! One of my favorite healthy dishes she makes is her Apple Butter French Toast. She even makes her own home-made, delectable,
    croutons from scratch! They are great for meatloaves and soups!

  • Christine M. (Thursday, January 10 13 09:25 pm EST)

    “I really enjoyed this book. It is a great book about improving your health from a Biblical point of view. Very helpful and very encouraging.”

  • Anne T. (Thursday, January 10 13 08:45 pm EST)

    Terri's book brings out, in a very readable and informational style, how God cares not only for our souls, but our physical bodies as well. Terri shares with her readers what she has learned about
    health and God's wonderful provision for us. Very well written and researched. You will learn something from every page. Anyone interested in staying healthy, will learn how God has provided
    everything we need to achieve good health.
    Terri is a gifted writer and truly lives the life of what she writes about--good health from a biblical perspective.

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